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 Welcome to RGSonline - June 2014

RGSonline is the website providing free access to all current (and many withdrawn) Railway Group Standards, Rail Industry Approved Codes of Practice (RACOPs), Guidance Notes (GNs) and Rail Industry Standards (RISs).


You can find a summary of the main changes that have been made to these documents since the last publication to RGSonline in the 'Whats New' section of the catalogue. Minor errors or ambiguities in published documents are listed in the 'Amendments and Clarifications' section of the catalogue. Details of amendments and clarifications associated with a particular document can be found under the Amendments button next to the document's details listed in RGSonline.


A number of older Railway Group Standards state on the front cover that "This document is a NOTIFIED STANDARD in the context of the European directives for interoperability of railway systems". The list of National Technical Rules notified in accordance with the Interoperability Directives ('Notified Standards') has subsequently been revised, and the statement may no longer be correct.


Please also note that a number of Railway Group Standards state that "The Catalogue of Railway Group Standards and the Railway Group DVD give the current issue number and status of documents published by RSSB". Due to advances in technology and increased dependence on the RGSonline website (, the Railway Group Standards DVD has been withdrawn from production and therefore the statement is no longer correct. 


To help you navigate around the site please refer to the Help Manual.


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Possession Arrangements Form RT3198 Iss 06-14A 
by Joanne Trousdale
 01/07/2014 09:25


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